Fall Treats - Sweeten Those Muffins With Maple!

Ahhhh…Fall…that glorious change of season as we transition back to school and watch Mother Nature’s colorful show take shape across the landscape. As the temperatures start to cool and we look to cozy up inside, it is a great time to do some baking and fill the house with delicious smells that tempt the taste buds.

Today we are sharing with you a Fall favorite by Cookie + kate - these muffins are hearty and filled with goodness that have the makings of a great breakfast or after school treat.

We of course used, (and suggest you do too!), H&H Sugarbush Pure Maple Syrup as our sweetener and sprinkled our Maple Sugar on top which gave the muffins a beautiful and flavorful coating.

Ok…time for you to give them a try. Click here for the recipe and let us know how they turn out!

Do you need to stock up on maple products for your fall baking? Find our products at these retailers or stop by H&H Sugarbush for your maple needs.